Shirt Lock Undergarment Shirt Stay Belt


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Shirt Lock is made of a flexible, hook on hook material that is worn over your shirt and under your pants, about 2″ below your waistline.  The belt grips both the shirt and the pants, holding your shirt tails down and your pants up.

Shirt Lock was developed for men and women. Whether it be for business, military and police uniforms, Scouts, school, sports, or ROTC Shirt Lock will keep you looking tailored and professional.

It’s a great alternative to suspenders, shirt stays, or the rubber belt.  We recommend the 1.5″ width for officers wearing a Duty Belt as it provides extra support.

Shirt Lock recommends the 40″ belt for waist sizes up to 38″ and the 50″ for waist sizes up to 48″.

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1.0", 1.5"


32", 40", 50", 60"


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