Shirt Lock: America’s Best Alternative to Shirt Stays, Suitable for Professionals of All Types

The Shirt Lock is proudly known by name. It’s simply the best alternative to shirt stays & keepers, garter belts and suspenders. Law Enforcement uses it to keep a neat, clean look. Sales professionals count on it to help make that first impression. Athletes rely on it to help keep their uniform tucked in place so they can concentrate on winning the game. This new alternative is known as the only real shirt keeper that keeps a shirt tucked in all day long.

Shirt Lock is the solution to worn out clips and binding garter belts

The Shirt Lock Shirt Stay keeps your shirt tucked in all day. No worries of your shirt coming undone. Put your foot forward and stride with confidence in a well-tucked suit and uniform. The Shirt Lock is proudly assembled right here in the U.S.A. This is the ultimate gift for a partner, relative or friend serving in the police force and military. It is also the best thing an athlete or professional could ask for to keep a clean appearance throughout their busy day.

Lock it in - Keep it in!

  • No snaps or straps
  • 100% nylon durable hook on hook material
  • Keeps your shirt tucked in all day
  • Less expensive, easier to use, and longer lasting than Stays
  • All day comfort without the hassle
  • 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Great gift idea

Shirt Lock Keeps Uniformed Public Service looking Crisp and Professional

No law enforcement official can afford a untidy appearance. A police officer is expected to demonstrate authority and control of chaotic situations. Shirt Lock is what helps officials maintain law and order.
The Shirt Lock serves the men and women in blue. It’s perfect uniform tool for police officers, state troopers, emergency responders and detectives to stay looking their best the whole day through.
Mark Dorn, a police officer in metropolitan Tacoma, WA, tried the Shirt Lock for a full police shift: “With a quick tug to get the excess shirt down below my waist I was so impressed at the result; I jumped around, put my hands high up into the air to try to get the shirt to come lose, and nothing. It stayed crisp and tight.”
Shirt Lock keeps your shirt tucked in all day long. It is the perfect shirt stay solution for your active day.

Military Personnel Count on Shirt Stays for Clean Appearance

We count on our military to protect our country. They count on our Shirt Lock to keep their Battle Dress Uniform intact. Our shirt stay garter is what keeps their BDU’s looking smart every time. Nothing is more embarrassing than caught by one’s superior in a sloppy uniform. Whether on dress parade or at a homecoming, those in uniform count on our shirt stay solution.

Sports Players Look to the Shirt Lock for the Game Win Assist

Conscious athletes call on Shirt Lock to get the winning score. These shirt stays are essential for athletes of all types. They not only keep them looking snappy, but also prevent a foul from the ref.
Flag football coaches fume when players are called out for not having their flags in reach. Baseball players look good when the glide into home plate with their uniform still tucked in. Nothing looks better than a clean-cut and winning appearance.
Attorneys Call on Shirt Stays to Keep them Looking Sharp in Court
Employing respect is a must for any lawyer. Especially in view of one’s adversary in front of the judge. That is why more legal professionals are calling on our Shirt Stays to keep their well-groomed appearance. During those long cases and cross-examinations, Shirt Lock is what keeps them looking their best.
Professionals Benefit from Shirt Lock Shirt Stays
Outside Sales Representatives, Doctors, Clergy, Managers and all professionals keep their shirts and blouses tucked in with the Shirt Lock. Shirt Lock is the only Shirt Stay alternative reliable for polished dress. You will want to order your shirt stay for your next interview, wedding appearance, guest invitation, and for everyday work dress. You will likely turn heads and gain more nods with the Shirt Lock Shirt Stay alternative.
Additional Info:
Shirt Lock is Airport Friendly - Go through metal detectors at airports, courthouses and prison security without sounding alarms.
Featured in Police, Law Enforcement and Ansom Magazines and at Police Safety Expo 2010 & 2011, Trexpo East, SWAT Round-up 2010 & 2011

Shirt Lock Sizing Questions and Solutions

How long does the Shirt Lock last?
Shirt Lock has a 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
The Shirt Lock does not work for my waist size.  Is there a larger size?
It is recommended that you order the 1.5” wide for waist sizes 38” and greater. Figure your sizing based on hip size. Full figured individuals have reported that the 1.5” wide size works better for them. The 1.5” Shirt Lock works well for all waist sizes. If you wear a Duty Belt we recommend the 1.5” variety.
How do I stop the belt from riding up in the back?
make sure that you place the belt evenly around your waist, (2”) below where you normally wear your garment belt.
The Shirt Lock does not grip all the different fabrics. How can I use my belt with the shirts that it does not grip?
Some materials have less of a nap for the hooks to adhere to. With the new Shirt Lock there are hooks on both sides and therefore the belt will grip the fabric of the pants and using friction will hold the shirt in place. Also, a ridge is created between Shirt Lock and your outer garment belt that additionally works to hold the shirt in place.
The Shirt Lock Does not stick as well to heavily starched shirts.
Heavily starched shirts tend to reduce the nap of the material making it harder for the hooks to grip the material. With the Shirt Lock you may find that you do not have to use as much starch on your shirts. However, as stated previously the hooks on the outside of the belt will grip the pants and form a ridge with your garment belt.
For Additional information and Support:
Watch the detailed video demonstration for the Shirt Lock.As always we appreciate your email, comments and phone calls expressing your pleasure, issues and questions concerning our product that has been designed and developed for you the professional Police, Military and Safety officers, business professionals, athletes and sports officials.
As always we appreciate your email, comments and phone calls expressing your pleasure, issues and questions concerning our product that has been designed and developed for you the professional Police, Military and Safety officers, business professionals and athletes.