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Duty Belt Over/Under Side Suspenders

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Introducing the Duty Belt Suspenders, effective for shifting the body weight evenly and boosting your comfort by reflecting a confident and composed look. Made of premium nylon fabric and metal hooks, this police duty belt distributes the weight across your shoulders and takes the pressure off your hips and lower back. Plus, the adjustable straps provide a profound grip to secure your tools and weapons and ensure balanced comfort and easy mobility. 

Key Features:

  • Nylon fabric 
  • Metal D-shaped hooks
  • Available in 42” and 48” variations 
  • Breathable and padded design
  • Hand wash recommended 

How Does The Duty Belt Suspenders Work? 

The featured safe life duty belt suspenders work effectively and easily. Wear them over your shoulders like usual suspenders and attach them securely to your belt at both the front and the back for equal weight distribution. 

Make sure the duty belt feels lighter around your hips and is placed comfortably, providing easy reach for your equipment. The straps should provide support without hurting your shoulders. Adjust the straps till your belt is securely and snugly fit.  

Additional Benefits Of Duty Belt Suspenders:

  • Reduced Back & Hip Pain: Duty belts evenly distribute your body weight and carry the tools and equipment. This reduces pain and provides ease during long shifts. 
  • Improved Comfort & Mobility: With the weight balanced and off your hips, you feel more relaxed and can perform bodily actions easily. 
  • Better Belt Position: Suspenders secure and keep your duty belt in one place, restricting it from riding up and keeping everything intact.
  • Perfect For Uniforms: The duty belt suspenders offer a discreet function as they can be easily worn under uniforms.


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