Shirt Stay Garters – Super Stays




How do you solve the problem with the shirt stays popping loose from the shirt and socks? This is where the Super Shirt Stay comes in. At the end of the Super Shirt Stays where the clips attach is the patented no-slip clips. The no-slip clip’s patented design actually weaves through the material pinning the shirt between the two clasps. This design holds the shirt in place – All Day—We guarantee it!

We understand that having a neat, well tucked appearance is an important part of gaining respect. The Super Shirt Stay is made of an elastic material that is durable and flexible, able to move smoothly with any regular or exaggerated motions. The metal adjusters and the patented no slip clips are guaranteed not to fail. The Super Shirt Stay by Wesol Distribution is made in America, by Americans.
If you are tired of having your shirt stays come loose from your shirt, pop off your sock, dangle behind you causing you embarrassment and making you look disheveled, try the Super Shirt Stay. The only Shirt Stays guaranteed not to come off.

Buy yours today, you will be glad you did!

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Stirrup, Y Style, Military 4pk


Black, Desert Tan, Olive Green, Blue Line


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