Who we are and our Mission Statement:

Wesol Distribution was started with the intention of manufacturing and distributing goods made in Americaand that are of the Good-Better-Best in quality. In addition to producing quality items, Wesol Distribution is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of customer service. As we grew to understand the markets that we serve, we began to develop and improve many of the products for those markets. It is very important to us that these products serve our customers well, fulfill a need, solve problems and whenever possible, are “Made in the USA”!

Wesol Distribution LLC was founded as a joint effort between David Little and Jerry Wesol. David and Jerry were neighbors each working on their own independent businesses. As the economy took a down turn in 2008, Jerry and David restructured and formed a partnership combining expertise. Wesol Distribution has carved out a niche in the Law Enforcement, Military, Men’s Clothing and Sport’s Official’s accessories markets.

Wesol Distribution has been awarded US Patents and is in the patent process with multiple inventions. In just a few short years Wesol Distribution LLC has established a retail presence by selling their line of products online and in 155 plus retail locations throughout the US, UK, Poland and Canada. Our online presence extends to over 150 websites and selling worldwide.

We would like to thank all our customers, dealers and suppliers for their continued support and efforts promoting our products at their locations and working with us to create solutions that are not just high quality, but whenever possible are putting Americans to work.

In this industry and market, there is an ever present need to look ordered and uniform sharp, improve comfort and limit frustration. Should there be any items that you can’t find or no longer available; We will find it or We will create it!
Pictured: (Right) Veteran Dave Little Co-Founder Retired
(Left) Jerry Wesol President Chief Operation Officer